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Public Relations

Our services are tailored directly to your business needs. Contact us for a consultation.

Our partners have over 6 years experience in helping grow corporate brands and personalities in the financial sector across western and Eastern Europe. Unprecedented access to journalists and media publications in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and CIS countries provides for valuable exposure of your company's latest news and achievements or your personal business and expertise across a large audience.

Let us help you develop and execute a PR strategy with access to top-tier print publications such as Forbes, Vedomosti and Kommersant, as well as RBK TV and BFM radio.

We can help you organize special media campaigns to highlight a product or service launch and promote your brand in several European countries, as well as Russia. Likewise, our experts have experience with content marketing projects, linking local cultural and social trends to your brand and products with print and visual materials, as well as dedicated campaign events.

Our partners have executed different event campaigns on a large and small scale, all the while increasing brand awareness and positive perception for the client in the process. While corporate events are a well known service, our clients often request campaigns for social outreach, volunteer and charity events, as they are an important part of brand perception in today's business environment.

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